What is a Legacy?
How does my Legacy Blueprint help me?
What are some of the possible consequences of not planning your Legacy?
How will a Legacy Coach/Consultant help me?
What is a Legacy Blueprint?
Is there a process you use?
How will I know which other professionals I will need?
When do people usually work on their Legacy Blueprint?
How do I get started?
Is there a certain age to begin working on the Legacy Blueprint?
How much does completing a Legacy Blueprint cost?
What are the benefits of creating my Legacy Blueprint?
Who benefits from my Living & Lasting Legacy Blueprint?
Who is the IDEAL client for Legacy work?
What are Legacy Letters and Final Letters?
What is the difference between a Complimentary Discovery Session and a Client Session?
How do I schedule an appointment?
Where can I buy the products I see on your site?
How can I join your mailing list?
Do you speak for organizations, groups, luncheons, etc.?
What education, training, and experience do you have?
How long will we work together?
How much does coaching cost?
How do I know if coaching is right for me?
How do I determine which coach is best for me?
Can I talk with you to about my interest in Legacy work before committing to coaching?
How can I reach you?