For many people, Legacy is defined as what you leave behind when you are gone. For me, it is a combination of what you create while you are here (Living Legacy), as well as what you leave behind when you are gone (Lasting Legacy).


signing1There are several components to either Legacy. You may choose to include some or all of these components in creating your personal legacy. They can include your wealth management, a Will and other important documentation, contributions, possessions, memories, traditions, values, beliefs, wishes, dreams, family stories, wisdom, etc. Some people even choose to pre-plan their funeral. Many people are also choosing to write a Legacy Letter (Ethical Will) or Final Letters.

There is neither a right way nor a wrong way to create a Legacy. No matter how you choose to design your Living & Lasting Legacy, it will be uniquely yours and shared by many generations to come.

I love hearing your story and learning how you would like to impact your life, your families’ lives, and even the world! As your Legacy Coach and Consultant, I will use my 5-Step process to help you define your needs and priorities so we can create clear and concise goals to design your Legacy Blueprint. It all starts with the Legacy Wheel. Please download my FREE Legacy Wheel. CLICK HERE

christmas-toastLegacy work can be done at any age. We often think of it for the “older” generation, but Legacy work is really driven more by who you are and what your desire is to create and leave a Legacy. Is it often driven by the occurrence of a life event or transition. We begin to think about life more deeply, what impact we have on those around us, and what that will mean for our future, theirs, and the world.

Some of the characteristics often found in the ideal Legacy client are:

  • Often 35 – 85 years of age
  • The work may be for themselves or their parents
  • Have strong personal values and beliefs
  • Are experiencing a Life Transition
  • Family focused
  • Purpose driven
  • Planner
  • Values a team approach
  • A life event has just occurred
  • Wants to create memories now
  • Generational traditions are important
  • Desires to capture and preserve memories and traditions
  • Desire to protect yourself and family
  • Spiritual
  • Service oriented
  • Charitable
  • Has keepsakes they want to pass on
  • Wants to strengthen or build family bonds and relationships
  • Desires to live intentionally
  • Has wealth or possessions to pass on now or in the future
  • Wants to leave footprint on the world

If any of these resonate with you, and you want to get started creating your Living and Lasting Legacy, CLICK HERE to book a Complimentary Legacy Discovery Session. I would love to visit with you and see how I can serve you and your family.