I had a great mediation this morning on Life Purpose. I had always thought of it as singular. What is that big overriding “thing” that I am to accomplish. However, Deepak Chopra opened up the possibility for me to think of it as a journey. That was so freeing. It isn’t like you have to figure out your Life Purpose all at once. There isn’t just one. Each day you can think of your purpose AND there can be the bigger mission or purpose in your life. And it shifts and changes as you go through life. It just opens up the whole subject AND it takes the pressure off to figure out this BIG purpose. Allowing it to shape and mold and shift with our journey is amazing. It also brought such clarity and forgiveness. What I mean by forgiveness is forgiving myself when I have felt “off purpose” or I made a choice that lead to use of finances or time that I had thought were wasted. But there is no wasting. It is all part of the journey that brought me where I am today. And the lightness I feel with being able to look at this as a journey is wonderful. It really takes the pressure off.