My role and responsibility as your Legacy Coach and Consultant is to help you define your Living and Lasting Legacy. To guide you through the process of creating your unique Legacy Blueprint and to keep you on track. It is essential for you to have one core person who can help you discover the crucial and key pieces in your life, while helping you keep the big picture in mind. Because I don’t have a vested interest in the outcome, what you want is what I want. My only goal is to see you accomplish your goal. Establishing clear-cut goals can often be an emotional process and it is helpful to have someone who will keep your desires and wishes in the forefront for you.

5stepprocessWe will use a 5-Step process to gain clarity on your needs and priorities to reach your desired goals and outcome. Some parts will be very detailed and specific like your Will, Power of Attorney, Insurance, Financial Planning, etc., while other parts will be very creative, like capturing your family memories, traditions, and sharing your values and beliefs through scrapbooks, videos, etc. We will select a team of professionals to make sure your plans include all of your wishes and requirements. The professionals will make sure your plan is well-defined, complete, documented, and can be clearly communicated to the appropriate people. This will assure your Legacy Blueprint will be carried out according to your desire.

No two Legacy Blueprints are the same, as no two people or their story are the same. Therefore, the options are endless for designing, creating, and capturing your Legacy. It will be a treasure for generations to come!

I am thrilled that you are interested in exploring your Legacy. It is an exciting and rewarding process. Completing your Legacy Blueprint allows you to live life fully and peacefully today, content in knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled tomorrow.