WEB-2-Clark, Marcia-7741Thank you for taking the time to “visit” with me and for your interest in exploring your Living and Lasting Legacy. This is a journey that will transform your life, as well as the lives of your family and friends. I would love to share this journey with you.

It is such a joy to live and work in my passion. My professional and personal experiences have all culminated in my Legacy Coaching and Consulting practice. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, 15 years in Human Resources, a coaching certification, professional experience, my own personal knowledge and planning, and the journey of caring for my parents, it was inevitable that Legacy work would become my passion.

From an early age my interests and gifts began to surface. (I had no idea they would be so foundational for my career!) I had a gift for listening to others with a deep compassion and genuine caring for what they were experiencing, a desire to help, and a devotion to being at their side. People would share how at ease they felt talking to me and that they could tell me anything. They were comfortable, felt supported, peaceful, encouraged, and knew they could trust me. I love helping others create what they want for their life. This coupled with my personal and professional life experiences solidified that this was indeed my calling and life purpose.

I grew up in a family that supported each other despite all of our unique differences. My father and mother created a deep feeling within us of being united as a team. With this deep connection we were able to face many challenges individually, as well as our family as a whole. From these challenges, and happy moments, too, we had even more opportunity to bond and develop our relationships.

tree-houseI didn’t know how significant and ingrained this was until my mother passed away. My parents had not only prepared us with a vast set of life skills to handle this moment, but they had prepared for that day on a whole different level. I had no idea what a blessing and comfort that preparation and planning would be—a gift I had never thought of receiving, but was so blessed and appreciative when it was time to accept it. You see, my parents had their Will completed, Long Term Care Insurance (not that common at all in those days), a Trust established, a team engaged with an Estate Planning Attorney as well as financial professionals. They had preplanned for their funerals, and had even discussed how we would receive most of their personal possessions. But the most comforting gift of all was that we knew what their plans were. They had communicated all of these to us. I had no idea what a blessing this detailed, well thought out planning would provide until the time of their deaths actually arrived. I am so grateful for this gift of planning that my parents gave us. It allowed us to focus on our grieving, each other, and most importantly, my Dad. And knowing that we had fulfilled my mom’s wishes was priceless.

That was when I realized my desire, my passion, was to help others through all of their unique life transitions. Though each family and each individual is unique and cannot be compared to another’s, my goal is the same for everyone:

… to help individuals and families live life fully and confidently, now and in the future, knowing they and their families will be taken care of

…to know that I will be there for them every step of the way…..in the great times and in the challenging times.

Legacy work can be a challenging and rewarding at the same time. Knowing that you always have someone looking out for your best interests, someone who is impartial and trustworthy, and someone you can lean on to support you is priceless.   Through the many ups and downs, I will be the one constant, as your coach, consultant, and confidant.

familyAs I work with each family, I cannot help but think of my Mom and Dad. I often wish my Mom was still here, of course, but I also know she would be so pleased that she and my Dad inspired my work. I cherish each moment with my Dad, thank him for his wisdom and planning, and am capturing and storing all the memories and traditions I can while he is still here. And it has given me great insight, experience, and vision as to how I want to create my own Legacy for my three children, grandchildren, friends, community and even the world.

Through my desire to continue to create my Living Legacy, as well as build and shape my Lasting Legacy, it has become crystal clear that Legacy work is my life work. My role as a Legacy Coach and Consultant allows me to help others make conscious decisions for designing an amazing life that brings them security and confidence for today, as well as enabling them to fulfill their dreams and wishes for tomorrow. This life of intentionality and purpose allows others to leave a lasting impact—their Legacy footprint– on themselves, their families, and communities for generations to come.

Thank you for letting me share a little of my story and sharing why I love being a Legacy Coach and Consultant. I wish you all the best today and tomorrow and always.

From my heart,