Critical Information Workbook

Can you find your important records when you need them? Could a family member manage your household in an emergency? Do your loved ones know your wishes for end-of-life? Have you prepared your executor to administer your estate?

The Critical Information Workbook makes it easy for you to organize records in one convenient place. Topics include: Personal Information, Personal Contacts, Medical Information, Last Rituals, Legal Information, Financial Information, Personal Property, Household Facts, Document Locator and Professional Contacts. Each topic begins with a compelling quotation and a simple explanation of the records and information to gather along with definitions of any special terms. A list of resources for each topic saves you time and effort. Step-by-step check lists ensure you will complete your workbook. Bonus ideas add fun to your workbook.

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“Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?” Workbook

Personal belongings often have special meaning for individuals and family members. Planning to pass on such items — treasured wedding photo, Grandpa’s fishing tackle box, or a well-used yellow pie plate — can be challenging, and may lead to family conflict.

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The Legacy Wheel Blueprint

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