Anyone remember Shrinky Dinks? I had not seen them in years…since my kids were little and that was a couple of decades ago. My grandson and I were in a toy store the other day and there they were. He had not ever seen them so I tried to explain what they would do when we put them in the oven. Sometimes you just have to see something to believe it. I explained to him that his mother and his uncles use to do these all the time. He said, ”Really Mommy did these?” He seemed so excited to be doing something Mommy did when she was his age. But the excitement had only just begun.

When we arrived home we opened the intriguing box and began to read how we could be successful making our Shrinky Dinks. One big change though from the yester years, these Shrinky Dinks were cut out!! How easy!! But we still had to color and shrink. After our coloring was done off to the oven they went. The magic began. Or so we thought. All of sudden the sides started to curl and looked like they would get stuck on themselves. Then ever so slowly they began to lay down. And in a split second the magic happened. Wow! Our Shrinky Dinks were ¼ of their original size, colors vibrant, and our creation was born. But the real magic was in my grandson’s eyes as he watched the magic process. I must say he was more confident in the successful outcome than I was. The innocence of a child vs. the skepticism of Nana. He was so excited to create one for everyone. Including, of course, his baby sister who is about to arrive any day. Amazing how walking into a toy store and finding this treasure changed our day. It turned into a mini-legacy before I even realized it. And you know what? I’m sure we will be doing Shrinky Dinks with baby Rylan, too!