“I have been working with Marcia Clark during a time of “transitions” in my life — we all go through this and I am SO glad I was referred to Marcia.  She is first and foremost, an excellent listener and an amazing coach.  She has the ability to really listen closely and can effectively clarify the issues going on and help guide/navigate to come to a concrete solution and actions.
What’s great about Marcia is that she is patient and works on the client’s own timeline, as we all move at a different pace.  I also value that she goes above and beyond the call of duty and really cares about her clients.  If you have been pondering about whether or not to use a coach and are in a time of transition/change or just want help to move forward, I highly recommend Marcia!”
“Marcia helped me rediscover some of my passions that had become obscured over time. She helped me recognize my accomplishments and see the value in them, giving me perspective on where I was on my longer-term path. That enabled me to take immediate steps forward toward my longer-term vision and plans.”
Bruce Corman
“Marcia empowers people to create their own life path, fulfilling both personal and professional goals to leave a lasting legacy. She thoughtfully guides those she coaches to make their dreams a reality, holding them accountable. Her communication skills, professional work experience and soft style make her outstanding to work with. I have had the pleasure of being coached by her for two years and referred her to my friends and colleagues. Marcia is a great partner in planning and living life intentionally.”
“Discussing my issues and goals with Marcia helped me in several ways. For one, Marcia is compassionate and a great listener, so I was able to “unburden” myself about some issues that had been weighing heavily. In doing so, I can honestly say I never felt judged and always felt accepted. But beyond that, Marcia helped me begin to rediscover my real inner power and think about the choices I have that will help me along my mid-life journey. I come away from Marcia smiling, feeling strong and in control of my own destiny and happiness. I highly recommend Marcia as an amazing spirit and effective life coach.”
Diane G.
“What I know about Marcia Clark, as a friend and business associate, is that she is passionate about serving people. One very important area of life for us “Baby Boomers” is dealing with the critical end of life decisions for our parents and leaving a lasting legacy for those we love. Marcia’s personal journey, along with her business experience and training as a personal coach equips her to listen powerfully to what is important to you. She will assist you in making the right choices to leave a lasting, loving and peaceful legacy for your loved ones.”
Pamela Becker ACC, CC
“Marcia was on her own legacy journey when we met at the International Coach Federation Austin Chapter, a professional organization. A true professional, she discovered her passion for helping you craft the legacy you want leave. Life is full of transitions from cradle to grave. Each transition brings an opportunity for personal growth and a retooling of your legacy. Her dedication and excitement for creating this business, is in service to YOU. Marcia’s knowledge, warmth and non-judgmental nature were obvious from our very first encounter. I highly recommend Marcia to walk with as you create your lasting legacy!”
Lauryn Sires, Professional Wellness Coach